Investing in Magical Thinking and

Numbers don’t lie, but brokers do, and unfortunately, they get away with it all the time.  Some will play on their client’s irrational thoughts about how well the stock market will make money for them, and use that magical thinking to justify risky investments while pocketing fees.  Meanwhile, the poor marks will spend, lose, and spend again believing things will get better, because they are special.   This type of behavior is called magical thinking, and it explains why so many people lose money in the stock market, yet continue to play.    In their minds, they are special cases, and don’t have to worry because the dividends will start paying soon, and then “everyone will see” how right they were.

Magical thinking can be thought of as the attribution of causal or synchronistic relationships between actions and events which cannot be justified by reason and observation.   In other words, they take actions based on unfounded beliefs and feel assured of positive, tangible outcomes.  For example, a person will invest money in a sketchy deal, and feel there’s no reason to drill down into the details, because their thoughts by themselves can bring about the positive effects (money) they deserve.  Think of that movie, The Wolf of Wall Street, and how the customers beliefs were exploited until the firm collapsed under the weight of the magical pixie dust that was sprinkled so generously around to cover up the truth.

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